We pay tribute to the memories of Late Professor Tofayel Ahmed, the founder Member-Secretary of the Management Board, Dhaka Shishu Hospital (DSH) and Professor Sultan Ahmed Chowdhury, the first Director of DSH. Sketching biographies of these two noble souls is a daunting task. How does one unravel the gems of their leadership land contributions to the nation and thousands of children of the country ? The initiative of sketching their lives in this brochure is indeed a small endeavour. We are grateful to them and DSH will remember them forever.

Professor Tofayel Ahmed
(Born in January 1929, Vikrampur, Dhaka; Died on 12 March, 1997)
Founder Member Secretary of the Management Board of Dhaka Shishu Hospital.
Professor and Head of the Department of Community
Paediatrics, BICH & Senior Consultant of Dhaka Shishu Hospital.

Professor Tofayel Ahmed will be remembered for his years of leadership at Dhaka Shishu Hospital. Her belonged to that small group of paediatricians who by their love to children stand apart from rest of the paediatricians as role models to be admired and emulated. He was devoted to all activities of Dhaka Shishu Hospital. He prepared himself to work in a way that revealed a deep concern about the poor sick children of Bangladesh.

CapturfvfffeProfessor Sultan Ahmed Chowdhury

(Born in 1910, Hathajari, Chittagong, Died on 10 October, 1998)
First Honorary Director and Professor of Paediatrics,
Dhaka Shishu Hospital.

Professor Emeritus, Dhaka University

Professor Sultan Ahmed Chowdhury will be remembered for his years of service as the first Honorary Director of Dhaka Shishu Hospital, His accomplishments went in a quiet and unassuming manner.

Professor Maleka Khatun
(Born in 1ST January 1934; Died on 22 January, 2002)

Joined as Professor cum Director since inception of BICH. This institute started functioning by opening Diploma in child Health (DCH) course in the session 1983-84 after her joining. As its continuation MS (Paed), MD (Paed) courses started in 1986 & 1988 respectively. She worked as Academic Director up to 10 August, 1988.

Prof. A F M Masud MBBS, FRCS

Prof. A F M Masud joined in Paediatric Surgery Department of Dhaka Shish (Children) Hospital in 1981. Prof. A F M Masud was head of department paediatric surgery department, Prof. A F M Masud performed the responsibilities as director of Dhaka Shishu (Children) Hospital from 02-05-1983 to 29-09-1987. The hospital knowledge’s with gratitude the effort and contribution of Prof A F M Masud in establishing paediatric Surgery department, the first kind in Bangladesh. At his initiative the MS (Paediatric) course has introduced in Bangladesh Child Health Institute in 1986. He also performed the responsibilities as Academic Director of Bangladesh Child Health Institute from 19-03-199 1 to 3 1-01-1994.

The main OT of the hospital is named Prof A F M Masud Operation Theater as a mark of respect to his contribution to Dhaka Shishu Hospital. Prof A F M Masud died on 14-2-20 14.

MS AkBarProfessor Dr. M.S. Akbar

Late Prof. M.S. Akbar will be remembered for his years of leadership at Dhaka Shishu Hospital. Late Prof. M.S. Akbar was Director of Dhaka Shishu Hospital for the period from 14-03-1981 to 01-05-1983. He was also Joint Director of Bangladesh Institute of Child Health from 01-07-1988 to 09-03-1991.and he has also Academic Director of Bangladesh Institute of Child Health from 04-01-1994 to 10-05-1996. He was Chairman of Governing body of Dhaka Shishu Hospital from 21-06-1997 to 17-03-2002. Prof. M.S. Akbar was honorable Member of Parliament of Govt. of Peoples Republic of Bangladesh. Prof. M.S. Akbar died on 09-03-2015 due to heart failure.

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